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How To Read & Locate Your Tire Size

Reading and locating your tire size is important for roadside assistance. To find it, look on the side of your tire for a series of numbers and letters. This information will tell you the tire size, load index, and speed rating. When you call for roadside assistance, be sure to have this information handy. Knowing your tire size will help the roadside assistance technician provide the best service to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Find the Right Tire Size for Your Vehicle

When it comes to tire size, it is important to know the three sets of numbers associated with your tire. The first number indicates the width of the tire in millimeters, followed by the height of the tire in millimeters, and the last number is the size of the diameter of the rim. For example, a tire size of 215/65/16 indicates a tire width of 215 mm, a tire height of 65mm, and a wheel rim size of 16 inches. Knowing the size of your tires can be helpful when you need roadside assistance for a tire change.


Other Places To Find Your Tire Size

If you are unable to locate your tire size on the sidewall of your tire, there are other places to look. Your vehicle's owner’s manual should have the tire size indicated, or you can search for the size on the manufacturer's website. Additionally, you can check the tire placard located either on the driver's side doorjamb or the glove box. If you cannot find it there, you can also search for the tire size in your vehicle registration or insurance policy documents. Lastly, you can call your local Roadside Assistance service to ask for help in locating your tire size.

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